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Adventures in Digital Graphics

* Students’ projects, resource files and software will be available for download from our website 48 hours after the completion of the course.

Crafty Graphic Design
Ages 8 and up                                                                          Prerequisite: none 
​This course will inspire the students to discover their inner-crafter, and create customized gifts or keepsakes. Students will design graphics to be printed on various products, and go home with their finished projects. The design skills learnt from these projects are transferable to many other products. Some samples products are greeting cards, buttons, magnets, keychains, bookmarks, bags, mousepads and tshirts.

Comic Life Creation     **NEW! **
Age: 8 and up                                                                          Prerequisite: none
Make a stunning comic! Convert photos into comic artwork. Use green screen backgrounds. Add speech balloons, caption and title. Use the Script Editor to write your story. With the drag and drop feature, the software makes it easy to go from a blank page to a complete comic! Key elements of a story such as character, setting, and plot are conveyed through a combination of pictures, captions, and dialogue. Comic creation facilitates students to make visual and verbal connections. 

Story Visualizer **NEW!**
Ages 6 to 7                                                                            Prerequisite: none 
You will build your story with LEGO® creations such as mini-figures, animals, bricks, building plates and a helpful story spinner. Then, you will capture your creation with a software, and digitally publish your story. As the students work with storyboarding, scene creation, characters, dialogue creation and storylines; they are developing their skills in language arts, creative and critical thinking. Students also learn how to naturally integrate technology and digital learning.

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