Benefits Of Being In Robotics Club

Benefits Of Being In Robotics Club

When we were children, the idea of living in a world of robots seemed very futuristic, like life on “The Jetsons™”. That future has arrived, and we need to prepare our children with the skills for the reality they live in. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of robotics classes and then contact us to register your child for one of Computer Adventures’ enrichment programs in Westchester.

Robotics Classes:

Make Everything Fun

Some kids naturally gravitate towards the math and science subject areas. Others, however, view them with some trepidation. Robotics classes present concepts in technology and engineering in environments that remove the intimidation factor that can be present in the traditional classroom. There are challenges that each group works on in a collaborative manner. Working within a group relieves the pressure that some children feel when they are the center of attention. The fun of solving a problem as a group allows kids to work on the answer without feeling as if they are about to give a wrong answer on a math problem. 

Improve Social Interaction

Almost every child has to learn how to develop social skills. Some are natural-born social butterflies, but most have to learn the art of listening and clear communication. Robotics classes encourage kids to work together to solve the problem with which they are presented. As they exchange ideas with one another, they learn how to look at a problem from different angles, as well as how to be open to ideas that others have. Working through a problem is a very natural way of improving children’s social skills. Team-building skills is a valuable tool for children to have throughout their life, including the road leading up to finding a fulfilling job. Contact Computer Adventures in Westchester today to see what we can do for your child.

Introduce Programming

Some children enjoy taking risks, while others enjoy watching the first group take those risks. The truth is, if none of us ever took risks, we’d never know what we truly do, or do not, enjoy. When your kid was still a toddler, you probably did your best to introduce them to vegetables, to show them that veggies are delicious. Programming is similar, in that if we do not introduce kids to it, they will form an opinion without any factual basis. Once kids have the opportunity to get into one of our robotics classes, they discover that the class is a lot of fun, and that they are working with other kids their age. In fact, it is so much fun, they don’t even realize that they are becoming great computer programmers.

Prepare Kids For Their Future

Most of us discovered our passion for the field we work in through some experience in our childhood. Maybe you grew up in a household where both of your parents were teachers and you just knew that you would follow in their steps. Perhaps your mom or dad was a firefighter and that was the only thing you could picture yourself doing. Registering your kid for a robotics class could be the opportunity that allows them to discover their passion. The technology used in robotics classes operates on different platforms. This means that while one platform might not appeal to your child, another one might. Your son or daughter might come home one afternoon determined to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Robotics classes offer so many benefits and we have listed just a few. Contact Computer Adventures in Westchester today and let us work with your child to help them discover their passion.

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