Computer Adventures is MWBE certified.We qualify for government grants.

Our program is effective, convenient and easy for program coordinators. Our leading-edge technology curriculum impresses students, parents and your peers. You can select the topic, schedule and venue. Our instructor will show up with the equipment needed. All you have to provide are the students.


We provide the traditional virtual classes and in-person classes as well “hybrid” classes.

Hybrid classes

Our “hybrid” classes supports both the in-person students and remote students at the same session with in-person instructors as well virtual online instructors.

In-person instructors : Our in-person instructor will be in a classroom to teach in-person students as well as students that are logged in remotely.

Virtual instructors: Our virtual instructors will teach to students that physically in a room supervise by another adult, as well as students that are remotely logged in.


Classes are held at a regular interval for a period of time -for example weekly classes for a few months.  We run after-school, before-school, lunch programs at schools, recreation centers, libraries, corporate offices. Our most popular schedules are after-school, school holidays and weekends.


We offer summer camps and mini-camps during the school breaks –winter, spring & holidays.We partner with various organizations, including other camps. If you are running a camp, we can add the technology classes to enrich your program. We can bring the “camp” to you –your schedule, you venue, and we provide the instructor and equipment.


Celebrate technology in the next school event with themes like Hour of Code, Weekend of Code, Robot Rumble, Tech Day/Week etc. Call us and we can work with you We provide the instructor and the equipment (if needed). We can also coach the teachers and parent volunteers to run the events.

Click HERE for a list of parent groups and organization that we have partner with. If you are looking for specific topics that are not part of our “tried and true” course list, we can customize a curriculum for you.

Click HERE for a list of our courses.