On-line Classes

1. Participants’ Behavior

Participants will be expected to behave respectfully. For the first infraction, Computer Adventures staff will speak to the participant, and email the parent/caregiver. For the second infraction, Computer Adventures staff may remove the participant from the virtual class, and call the parent/caregiver. For the third infraction, Computer Adventures staff will remove the participant from the virtual class, and call the parents/caregiver. The participant will not be allowed to come back to the class, and no fee refunds will be made.

2. Recording

For safety and security reasons, Computer Adventures will video record every session. Copies of the recording cannot be provided to protect the privacy of the students in the course.

In-person Classes

1. Computer Adventures is committed to providing a safe, fun, educational environment for all participants. Our policies are set in place to insure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. We reserve the right to remove anyone who takes away from this atmosphere.

2. Participants will be expected to behave in a socially acceptable manner. There will be no toleration for inappropriate behavior which includes, but is not limited to, physically touching or threatening, verbal abuse or threats, abusing the equipment, and other physical or verbal behaviors as seen as detrimental to the program and enjoyment of others. The following steps will be taken:

  • A private meeting will be held immediately with the child to explain the unacceptable behavior. A staff member will speak with the parent/caregiver  at pick‐up time.
  • The second infraction will result in the child being removed from the group and a parent being called informing them the child needs to be picked‐up immediately. The child will not be allowed to return to the group until a meeting has been held with a parent, the child, and a staff member.
  • The third infraction the child will not be allowed to return to the program. No refund will be made.

3. Any student that has an aide or additional supervision during school will be expected to have an aide or additional supervision during our programs. Otherwise, the student may not be allowed to attend our classes at the discretion of our administrator.

4. The equipment and software that the students use remain with Computer Adventures ‐ Bits, Bytes & Bots. We provide CDs/DVDs with copies of children’s work and resource files and/or instructions, so that they may continue to enjoy their work after the class is over.

5. Computer users agree not to do anything that changes the current computer configurations. This includes installing programs or updates of any kind, adding or changing passwords, changing hardware or operating system configurations in any way, and downloading software. Users may add files and project folders to the “Desktop” folder, and sign into software that are used in class. Other alterations require the permission of an instructor.

6. Computer Adventures does not discriminate for any reasons in admitting children to programs or in its hiring practices.

7. Computer Adventures is committed to providing a safe environment for children, therefore it is our policy to run a background check on all employees before they are able to work with children in our programs.

8. Registration & Refund Policy

(A) Summer Camps:

  • To reserve a space in a summer camp session, a non‐refundable deposit per session is required and the balance must be paid by May 15th.
  • If you cancel before May 15th, you will receive the balance of money paid minus the deposit per session. Reservations for summer camp made after May 15th must be paid in full.
  • After May 15th, customers can receive a refund on the price of the class minus the deposit only if the space is filled by another child.
  • A $25 change fee will be charged for each session time & class change.

(B) Enrichment Classes

Class cancellation must be received in writing or email, at least 7 days before the first week of the session. Otherwise, school or organization is responsible for the amount of $200 per session missed.

(C) Workshops:
Full payment is due at the time of registration. In special circumstances, at the discretion of the administrators, refund may be offered as credit for future workshops that will expire in a year. No money refund will be provided.

(D) Parties/Events:

  • To reserve the date and time for an event requires a non‐refundable deposit of $200 per event, and the balance is required 3 days before the event.
  • The expected number of participant will be provided by the customer at least 3 days before the party/event, and will be the used to calculate the cost.
  • Changes to the date that are requested 2 weeks or earlier before the event, will be accommodated based on the availability of the requested date.
  • In the event that the CLIENT must cancel this contract, CLIENT will forfeit their deposit.
  • If there are more participants than the expected number on the day of the event, Computer Adventures ‐ Bits, Bytes & Bots will accommodate to the best of our ability within the limitations of our equipment. Each unexpected participant will incur an additional cost of $20.