Inspiring Your Child with Computer Classes Part 2

Inspiring Your Child with Computer Classes Part 2

Today, we will look at the various Minecraft classes we offer. We will also address game design, computer programming, and robotics. Computer Adventures loves introducing kids to the exciting world of computers and all it has to offer. Call today to register your child!

Game Design

We offer a wide selection of design classes for your child from basic arcade game design, to the modern, sleek world of 3D game design. Two classes we offer are Arcade, and PacMan Mazes. In Arcade class, students create their own arcade-style game with all of the elements of a traditional game such as main characters, and enemies. Your child will learn how to program logical functions such as conditionals and control structures. In PacMan Mazes class, students create maze-style games where they will learn how to create games for different ages and difficulty levels.


Minecraft seems to be everywhere you look these days, and it is certainly not flagging in popularity. We offer six different options in our Minecraft curriculum. The classes we offer are: Minecraft Survival Quest, Minecraft Machine Marvels, Minecraft Building Wonders, Minecraft Mini-Game Invention, Minecraft Mod Creator, and Minecraft Mod Programming. We use Minecraft Edu., but we have classroom management and student moderation tools enabled for use in our classroom.

Minecraft Survival Quest

Students will play in survival mode where they learn how to manage resources and tools as the expand their world. This class helps them to discover and understand the concepts of navigation and 3D coordinates.

Minecraft Machine Marvels

Students learn how to build simple machines in this computer class. They will also explore unique machines such as pistons, tripwire, and pressure-plates. Your child will develop both their logical and creative thinking skills.

Minecraft Building Wonders

As your child’s computer skills increase, they will be interested in constructing more elaborate buildings like the Taj Mahal, for instance. Our students will use a variety of tools to help them create ever more challenging structures.

Minecraft Mini-Game Invention

In this computer class, students start by learning how to create simple mini-games, and will progress to more difficult games. As they learn how to analyze the rules of the various games, and break them down into functions, they then learn how to translate this knowledge into the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Mod Creator

Computer Adventures offers this class for students who are interested in learning how to create Minecraft mods, but are not ready for computer programming. Some of the mods they will be able to create are custom machines, structures, and toolsets.

Minecraft Mod Programming

Your child can learn Java programming in the world of Minecraft. They will program their own Minecraft world. For each item they have created, they will learn how to modify the code to program the features they want each piece to have.


We offer a wide variety of computer classes at computer Adventures for your child to learn programming. Children as young as six can learn how to code using the program Scratch Jr. We also offer classes teaching Python programming, learning web design with HTML, and web design with CSS.


Whether your child has discovered a passion for robotics, or not, you should check out the selection of robotics classes we offer at Computer Adventures in Westchester. Students as young as age six can learn about engineering and programming! We provide a broad selection of computer classes for kids of every age. Contact us today and see how we can help your kid discover the exciting world of computers!

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