Camp Policies

1. Computer Adventures strives to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all participants.

Our policies are set in place to promote an enjoyable experience. We reserve the right to remove anyone who takes away from this atmosphere.

V2. Participants Behavior

Participants will be expected to behave in a socially acceptable manner. There will be no toleration for inappropriate behavior which includes, but is not limited to, physically touching or threatening, verbal abuse or threats, abusing the equipment, and other physical or verbal behaviors as seen as detrimental to the program and enjoyment of others.

The following steps will be taken:

  • A private meeting will be held immediately with the child to explain the unacceptable behavior. A staff member will speak with the caregiver at pick-up time.
  • The second infraction will result in the child being removed from the group and a parent/guardian being called to be pick the child. The child will not be allowed to return to the group until a meeting has been held with a parent, the child, and a staff member.
  • The third infraction will result in the child not allowed to return to the program. No refund will be made.

3. Equipment and Software

The equipment and software that the participants use remains with Computer Adventures. We provide copies of children’s work and resource files after the completion of the class, so that they may continue to enjoy their work after the course is over.

Computer users are not allow to do anything that changes the current computer configurations. This includes installing programs or updates of any kind, adding or changing passwords, changing hardware or operating system configurations in any way, and downloading software.

Computer users may add files and project folders to the “Desktop” folder, and sign into software that are used in class. Other alterations require the permission of an instructor.

4. Age

Our summer sessions are for children between the ages of 6-16. Cut-off date is Aug. 31 of that summer.

However, we realize that age cannot be a factor for denying a student the opportunity to learn with us if deemed appropriate. Children whose birthdays are close to the cutoff age, and who demonstrate appropriate maturity levels, will be allowed to participate if in the judgment of the staff, the child will not be a distraction or take away from the other students learning in any way.

5. Reservation & Refund

To reserve a space in a summer camp session, a non-refundable $200 deposit per session is required. The balance must be paid by May 15, otherwise, the child may be dropped from the session.

If the customer cancels before May 15, he/she will receive the balance of money paid minus the $200 deposit per session.

Registrations for summer camp made after May 15 must be paid in full.

Sessions can transferred for the same child or for another child in the same family. A $30 transfer fee and the price difference will be charged for each session.