* Students’ projects, resource files and software will be available for download from our website a week after the completion of the course.

Lego Brickfilms

Grades 2 to 8, Prerequisite: none

Lights…Camera…Action! If you’ve ever wanted to direct your own movies or like making up stories, then this course is for you. Create your unique story on a storyboard. Design your own movie set with LEGO® mini-figures, bricks, plates and background pictures. Using webcams, stop-motion movie software, and video editing software, you will create animated movies with titles, credits, transitions, and sound effects including your own narration. This is a fun course to take with a friend.

Brick Films Movie

Stop Motion Animation

Grade 4 and up Prerequisite: none

From art, story-telling, commercials, music videos, science to history, stop-motion animation can bring any of these topics to life. In addition to learning the software, you will also work with various DIY animation material such as clay, toys, felt and various everyday objects. Creativity to the extreme! Your project will include still or moving (chromakey) backgrounds, overlay effects such as smoke, snow, flashes, explosions, and sounds effects. This course maybe repeated. It is fun course to take with friends.


Animation Studio

Grade 4 and up, Prerequisite: none

Explore various styles of animations. Learn the techniques of 2D animation, 3D animation, and Stopmotion animation to create their own movies. Using an intuitive animation software, student will work with drawing tools, bone-rigging system, animation timeline, sounds and special effects. This course is an exciting and engaging way to introduce students to the professional animation skills.