* Students will not be taking the building sets home. The sets can be purchased from vendors.

Electronic Gadgets & Gizmo (ELGG)

Grade 3 to 8
Recommended Course Duration: 8 to 16 hours

Students learn the art of innovation through hands-on activities which foster creativity and problem solving. Build and play with electronic components such as motors, lights, switches, servos and buzzers. Connect them together to invent a remote control racecar, build an automatic bubble blowing device, make a bumper ball game and more. Unleash your inner inventor!

Snap Circuits – Arcade (ELSC)

Grade 4 to 9
Recommended Course Duration: 8 to 16 hours

Students use building pieces with snaps, a programmable word fan, a tri-color light orb, a dual LED display, and a microcontroller, to assemble different electronic circuits on a “base grid” that functions like printed circuit board found in electronic products. Learn the basics of electricity, engineering and circuitry while creating fun