Students will not be taking the building sets home. The sets can be purchased from vendors.

LEGO® WeDo Robotics

Age: 6 to 7 Prereq: none

Exciting introduction to robotics through building models and using a computer to program the models’ behavior. Our models include ferris wheel, race car, merry-go-round, crane, various animals and more. Building models will improve spatial cognition and visualization abilities. Programming encourages students to think logically to produce a specific action. Students will also learn about simple engineering concepts such as pulleys, belts, gears and levels, while having a blast.

Lego Blocks

LEGO® Junior Robotics

Age: 6 to 7 Prereq: none

Calling all junior robotics engineers! You will work with programmable smarthub, motor, sensors and various Lego bricks to build and program models such as helicopter, truck, gorilla, frog, dolphin, caterpillar and more. This course offers hands-on activities that ignites students’ curiosity, while enhancing their skills in science, engineering, technology, and coding. If you like WeDo Robots, you will love this course as we work on different projects from a different robot set.

Lego Jr Robotics

LEGO® EV3 Robotics Engineering

Age: 8 and up Prereq: none

As the students get familiar with the Lego® Mindstorms EV3 building and programming environment, they will learn about infrared sensor and beacon; flowcharts and logical sequences; EV3 brick programming app; and the new Lego® Mindstorms EV3 programming interface. Fun projects includes programming drawing robots, hammer robots, wrestling team robots and more. *This class is complementary to LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics course as different projects, software and robot sets are used.

LEGO® NXT Robotics Engineering

Age: 8 and up Prereq: none

Students will construct LEGO® Mindstorms NXT robots and program the robots through an obstacle course, play miniature golf, emulate a scorpion, produce spin art, battle in a Sumo ring and more. Students will learn about Bluetooth remote control, programming with data hubs and Math concepts such as logic, range, random, variables and constants. *This class is complementary to LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics course as different projects, software and robot sets are used.


Drone Programming

Grade 3 and up Prereq: none

Drones! Drones! Drones! See your code take flight as you control and perform stunts with drones. You will learn to program the controller; create pre-programmed flight plans; and develop skills to fly an aerial drone. Drones make STEM learning relevant and fun through challenges such taking off and landing, performing flips, taking photos, airshow maneuvers, free-flight air battles and more. The course will also discuss what defines a drone, what their everyday uses, and how our mini-drones work.

Drone Programming